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Male Extra: Is it a scam?

The size of the male member has always been a major cause of concern among most males, especially when it comes to holding on to the erection and the ability to satisfy the partner.

There has been innumerable remedies and suggestions in this regard, but the best by far is certainly, Male Extra.

Is MaleExtra scam for real?

Not, if you consider the following:

1. When you place an order for the MaleExtra pills, they arrive the very next day.
2. You will get to see the results from the third day of the intake of the pills.
3. It is made of all natural ingredients.
4. You are provided with a free audio visual demonstration of proven exercises, for increasing the size of the penis by a minimum of 3 inches.
5. On purchase, the company accepts all major credit and debit cards.
6. A risk free guarantee of 6 months.

Why is MaleExtra scam so talked about?

This is because, Male Extra is definitely too good to be true. With proven records, it has shown results for all who have used it.

What are the Male Extra ingredients?

Male Extra has 70% of what is called “Natural Viagra”.  Each 1500 mg of Male Extra contains:

Pomegranate 70% ellagic – 500 mg.
Zinc, in the form of aspartate- 150 mg.
Methyl Sulphonyl Methane – 100 mg
L-Methionine – 100 mg.
Cordyceps – 25 mg.
Omega 3 fatty acids – 25 mg.

Male Extra has been researched over 9 years to create the formulation, which has been tested to be safe; being 100% natural. The product has been scientifically formulated to suit the most common performance short comings of the male member.

What are the functions or positive effects of Male Extra?

Male Extra ensures a longer lasting performance in bed.
It helps to hold on to the erection.
It helps you have repeated erections.
Increases vigour and stamina.
Improves orgasm.
Increases penis size.
Improves sexual confidence.

What are the add ons?

Male Extra comes with a package of free gifts.

Penis Health On Line: A set of penis exercises which will help you to increase the size of your penis and to give you a longer lasting erection.

Penis Health On line DVDs: Elaborate demonstration of penis exercises which are easy to follow and hace been oroginally devised by Dr. Arnold Kegel.

Love Centria On Line: About 54 on line DVDs to help improve your sex life; which includes various fore play techniqiues and sexual advice.

The Penis Health exercises: Exercises have been found to be effective in increasing and improving your penis and its performance. While Male Extra will provide the requisite nutrients to your penis, the exercises will help you to tone up the muscle for better performance. A person who uses a combination of both the exercises and the pills will therefore have a better result.

There are two forms of exercises, Kegeling and Jelqing.

The former uses the muscles responsible for ejaculation and erections. Thus, on exercising these muscles, you can have a longer and bigger erection.

Jelqing is about pushing blood to the tissues responsible for the growth of the penis. Thus the exercise helps in the penis growth and also aids in holding on to your erection.

Thus, keeping into account the above reviews and product information, I am certain that there remains no ground to call Male Extra scam.

Male Extra E Voucher